Monday, September 9, 2013

k2 Milling and Sourdough Digestibility

I met a wonderful miller at Feast of Fields, Mark from k2 Milling
We chatted a bit about digestibility of grains (I have been mostly gluten free for about 6 years) and I learned something I had no idea about–apparently thr fermentation process involved in sourdough baking actually pre-digests the gluten proteins and makes it more easily digestible to some people like me. Fascinating!  Now this of course presupposed it is done the proper way (no added yeasts) which, of course, takes time and which, of course, is not done often any more because of aforementioned time... Yet another possible indicator of why there is so much gluten intolerance in the world these days!  We have been eating pre-digested (sourdough) gluten for so much longer than not!  Our bodies haven't caught up yet. Our hybridized wheat, our sugar and salt addictions, our overprocessing of flours–goodness, no wonder we are all getting so sick!  Progress, right?

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