Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Innoculating Mushroom Logs

After visiting Bozena's farm, I headed over to another friend's farm.  Derick had been wanting to innoculate his shiitake logs for a few days and luckily he had two sets of hands appear to help him do so.  We spent a good 5 hours innoculating a dozen logs with 1200 plugs.  Yes 1200.

We drilled holes in each log (top) and then pushed in the sawdust and mushroom spore plugs (middle).

This is the guy to see if you want mushroom everything:

This was less than half the pile of logs we ended up with...  So many mushrooms! I'm so excited for harvest!  They will take a year to grow after innoculation, but woop!  Summer of 2014!

After all that innoculating, I'm considering buying a pre-innoculated log from him at market (he sells just around the street from me). I do eat a lot of mushrooms...

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