Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Compost Use

I set up my outdoor composter to use today.

To start: I dug out a square about an inch deep that was the size of the composter itself.  I put the composter itself into place and covered the edge with a bit of the leftover soil (no nothing could climb in the bottom).

To compost: My roommates and I keep our compostables in a container in the freezer. When the container was full, instead of putting the waste into the city compost, I put it in the new composter, covered it with some dried grass clippings and some dead leaves as well as a bit of compost accelerator (just to start).

This was the email I sent all my housemates:
Hello housemates!
I've set up the black composter outside for use. Save up any fruit or veg clippings (no meat, dairy, or dog or cat poo) and put them in a bunch at a time into the composter. Make sure you cover it with some of the dead grass, leaves, or sod (on the side of the tree nearest the composter) to keep the smell from attracting unwanted friends.
Here is a great simple resource:
I'll deal with everything else.  Free beautiful compost for next year?  Yes please!

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