Saturday, May 11, 2013

Living With Roommates

It's spring and part of the roommate deal for growing food on my kitchen window ledge was that I'd get rid of the clutter of it when I had lots of food growing outside.  I'm headed away for the weekend and have been taking up all the window space with other seedlings so the indoor free food ledge is done for the year.  I'm particularly impressed with the beet tops:
 and the celery:
although the lettuce was also pretty spectacular and beautifully tender.  You really do forget what literally just picked produce tastes like!  Everything is divine!!!  I snuch a bit of a beautiful kale plant that was growing at my community garden plot–SO TENDER AND SWEET!  Yes, KALE.  Tender and sweet–PHEW!  Getting me extremely excited for the upcoming harvest!

On a side note–look at the size of my potato plants!  Wow!! And I only planted them 2 weeks ago!

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