Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fantastic New Store on Dundas West in Toronto

I happened upon an article in The Grid magazine about Atlantic restaurant in Toronto.  There was a note that the chef had recently opened a store across the street, which I had also seen biking by a few times. I walked in and I was so excited!  I spoke to Nathan Isberg, the chef, who had to run across the street from his restaurant to come talk as his shopkeeper was home sick!  Turns out he's stocking the store with beautiful produce, grain, and flowers from his farm and friends farms in accompanying neighbourhoods in Southern Ontario, and is totally into chatting about bulk grain purchasing, which friends of mine were looking into.  I bought this beautiful red cabbage for a whole dollar and this fresh milled corn meal for $1 as well. In speaking about preserving, he offered me some celeriac kimchi of his to try–delicious!! I'll be in touch with him soon for more! So great to have farm fresh, seasonal, and affordable produce available so near my house.  The organic farmers markets can get expensive and obviously aren't there every day.  I love it!

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