Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nettle Tea

I put my dried nettle into a jar yesterday and decided to make a pot of tea for my somewhat unhappy tummy...  Instead of just steeping it for 10 minutes like regular herbal tea, it's best to boil the leaves, covered, for 10 minutes (I'm not sure why, it's what I was told by friends who do the same...  I realize I'm more folky than I used to be, listening to a lot of information passed on from experience in addition to info learned in that book-learnin' place...)
 I took the boiled nettle and added, chopped up, it to a soup I made.
The soup was delicious!  I started by frying up a bunch of onion, celery, carrot, potato, and garlic that I had hanging around, which needed to be used.  I added some cayenne, lovage, tahini, cilantro seed, salt, fresh ground pepper, and the nettle, in addition to some mushroom and broccoli broth that I had in my fridge from prior soup-making and some regular organic chicken broth and voila!  Delicious soup!

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