Friday, August 2, 2013

The Perfect Omlette

How to make the perfect omelette:
-Make sure you add a bit of milk to the egg and beat it until it is foamy then let it SIT for a minute or two before you cook it so that it stays nice and fluffy.
-Put lots of butter in the pan and push the egg into the centre of the pan with a spatula so that the uncooked egg keeps running to the pan along the edge.
-When it's just about done (no more runny egg around the edges), put whatever ingredients you want on the inside (I did tomato, avocado, mushroom, goat cheese, and basil from the garden).
-Fold it over and let it sit for a minute to finish cooking before serving–DELISH!

Serve that with delicious locally made red pepper and garlic jelly on cream cheese on top of Molly B Gluten's locally made pumpernickel bread and farmers market breakfast sausages with a beautiful cup of tea–golden!  This is how I keep myself centred–a leisurely breakfast of beautiful food on the porch in the morning :)

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