Monday, April 15, 2013

Biking Rain-Gear

I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op today to buy a new backpack as both of the straps on mine have broken, fabric has ripped, and the shoulder straps are mashed. It's been a good 4 years with the current bag, I think... (I'm bad at purchasing new things!)

While I was there, I also walked by the clothing section and realized that I should invest in a pair of rain pants for biking. I don't need anything super fancy–I managed to get a pair for $40–and even that will be a good investment. I'm getting to the point that I care less and less about weather, and am happy to bike far more often then most around me, the self-proclaimed "fair-weather cyclists". It's empowering to have control over when I need to go where I need to go, to get my exercise, and to get a daily dose of fresh air too.  After acclimatizing to that, it's really hard to shift to relying on transit in the winter or when it rains–it screws with my travel timing, efficiency, and sanity! Sexy....

I realized that I don't need a jacket at the moment, seeing as I'm usually wearing a jacket anyway, which I take off when I get where I need to be (so it can dry off). Also I can't afford a 170$ jacket at the moment... (eek!) In any sase, I think this will give me more incentive to bike in the rain, which I don't mind doing, but I definitely hate the soaked leg effect...  Problem, solved!  Let's see if I need to save for a rainjacket...

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