Saturday, April 13, 2013

Green Living Show

I had a wonderful time at the Green Living Show today.  A few highlights for me:

The Organic Council of Ontario booth
I ha a lovely chat with the girl there (how could I forget to ask her name!) about great things happening in Toronto and in Guelph, got some info about meat CSA's, some direction on where to look for Ontario-grown bulk grain purchase, and picked up their guide to buying local and organic food, a handy little document.

The Ontario Culinary Adventure Pavillion!
You buy tickets. You pick little sampley sized foods from various regions of Ontario. You feast on a smorgasbord! Such delicious beauty emerging from Ontario!
A millet-crusted whitefish taco from 'Hooked', topped with coleslaw, mayo, and lots of cilantro.
A beautiful celery root and pear soup from 'The Table'
A Chocosol blue corn tortilla (the freshest I've ever tasted–they grind and nixtamalize the corn themselves) with beautiful mole, a lovely red cabbage salad and pea shoots.
'The Grange of Prince Edward County' Gamay Noir–a gorgeous fruity, bold, and slightly spicy red. A perfect way to end off the meal!

I had a lovely chat with Kevin and signed up for their monthly donation program. I know that I am not the kind of person to do the kind of work that they do so I am glad to support them in their endeavours.  For a small amount a month, I help them do the work they do in the best way that I can at the moment, at the amount that I can at the moment.

Ananda Chocolate
I purchased the most decadent sugar free banana sweetened 80% chocolate, as well as a gooseberry 80% dark–both gorgeous!!

Tradeshows are a little overwhelming at times, but this time, for free admission, I got to see a decent overview of what's happening in the "green" world right now, get a delicious local smorgasbord, and chat with some lovely folk. A pretty decent Saturday afternoon...

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