Friday, April 19, 2013

More Direct Seeding and Bean Teepees

More cold-tolerant veg in the ground:
Garlic Seeds
Mixed Greens
Shelling Peas
Scarlet Runner Beans

Also, here's my hopefully not too rickety bean and cucumber teepee structure!
Simple to build and free!  I used donated bamboo and wood stakes, and simple twine–
1). Dig deep and narrow holes in the ground for your stakes
2). Put in each stake and fill in with soil (should stand on it's own)
3). Creatively tie together with twine (I am not a girl scout!)
4). Lay the longest top pole across and tie to other stakes with more twine.

I tied my whole structure to a stairway overhang so hopefully it won't fly away or topple over anywhere!

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