Thursday, April 11, 2013

Water Conservation: Baby-Step 1

I've been thinking about water consumption. I can't just right in and build a grey-water processing station in my yard (oh daydreams....) but I can take baby steps:


Vegetables: Fill a container with water to wash away dirt. Do a whole bunch all at once instead of using running water or washing one apple at a time.

Dishes: I shock myself when I leave the water running but put the plug in. The sink fills up unbelievably quickly. Really, you only need an inch or two of water to wash a whole stack of dishes, a bit more for rinsing. This is probably one of my worst consumption habits. I make excuses when my roommates have their dishes in the sink "There's too much stuff to move." SUCK IT UP! MOVE THEIR DISHES OR WASH THEM TOO. I'm working on this one....

These are the two hardest but simplest for me at the moment. They're very easy to make excuses about. But I think it just starts with awareness. And writing it down as an intention helps. So here it is:

I will aim to wash vegetables in a container in bulk when I buy them, not individually at time of use.
I will try not to wash dishes with running water, but with a filled sink.

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