Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter-y Beet Preserve

With a desire to preserve one of my favourite bits of my Ukrainian Easter remembrances, I took it upon myself to make a simple version of one of my favourite dishes. I took 4 medium sized beets, grated them finely into a bowl, then grated a medium sized stick of horseradish in there with it (careful! It will make you cry! Do it outside or put on a stove hood fan)

I didn't necessarily want this to keep forever (it's too delicious!) but generally the more preserved stuff has some vinegar in it. Its also usually blended with cooked beets. As I said, my version!

I usually ate it with pressed cottage cheese on a sweetish egg-type bread, but am currently eating it with goat cheese on home-made wraps–see tomorrows recipe!

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