Sunday, March 31, 2013


I just finished watching a fantastic film called Farmageddon:
I'm realizing that part of my process of coming into low-impact living means doing my research about what systemic problems there really are, informing myself, and sharing that information.

I began this process with a vague overview of what is going on systemically, but my major instigators were cost, freshness, and nutrient density. The only produce I thought I had around was a No Frills (pretty pathetic). I was starting to understand that I needed to put my money where my mouth was (quite literally) and purchase at small organic markets, farmers markets, and co-ops. I researched Foodshare and currently purchase their organic food box weekly–I get beautiful organic produce for market price or lower. I am slowly shifting my food dollar purchases to organic. I am asking questions about GMO's. Slowly, I'm shifting my purchasing dollar away from big agribusiness and into shorter supply chains and farmers or producers who I can actually speak to. I'm reading labels (i still make some shelf-stable purchases)–making sure my  dairy isn't American (to stay away from Bovine Growth Hormone), staying away from lecithin (soy), canola, soy, and corn (most GMO), and obviously, the shorter the ingredient label the better. And this summer, I plan to preserve the most food I can so that I buy the least amount of canned product as possible

Starting this blog was a way of almost keeping myself in check, but I realize it can also be a tool for sharing information and inspiring others to make small changes.  We are all empowered to make out own choices. We can all put our money where our mouths are, even if it's little by little. We can all become a little more aware. Each choice we make can spread slowly, but exponentially, if we decide to speak to those who care to listen in a kind and understanding way. A lot of little choices add up. WE have the power. Empower yourself.

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