Sunday, March 3, 2013

Homemade Vitamin C

Today I decided that instead of composting my orange peels from juicing, that I would dry them out.
I have a piece of twine tied to 2 hooks in my wall in my kitchen–a great out of the way drying method.
I've been doing some reading and have heard that orange PEEL has lots more Vitamin C than the flesh, as water doesn't hold it as well.  So I'm hanging it to dry, and then will blend it into a powder, save it in a jar, and use it whenever I need a boost!

I made sure my oranges were ORGANIC and washed them well.  The last thing you need when your immune system is feeling a bit weak is upping the load of pesticides in your system!


This is the juice I made with those oranges:

4 organic oranges
half a head of organic celery
5 organic granny smith apples
2" piece of fresh ginger
approx. 2 cups of flat leaf parsley


I've been making approximately 3 servings of juice at a time, for time-saving purposes.  (about 20 minutes plus washing up)

Obviously it's ideal to juice daily to preserve all the enzymes in your fruit and veg but the way I figure, even if the juice has been in my fridge 2 days, it's still fresher than anything I can get in the grocery store!

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