Monday, March 25, 2013

Sore Throat Tea

I wore up today with a super sore throat and difficulty swallowing.  I made tea with it and have been drinking it all day.  Sage is a cooling herb and somewhat anti-inflammatory and it seems to be working it's magic pretty well. 

Other things I've been doing to help speed away this cold:
–chopping up cloves of garlic and swallowing them raw with a little water (at night and in the morning. This is an effective deterrent before getting sick but since I wasn't resting and was going full throttle the last few days, my body couldn't heal itself)
–taking a tablespoon of half honey half fresh lemon juice as a sort of throat-coat (also good as a replacement cough medicine)
–And sleeping as much as possible! Taking lots of naps!!  Being kind to ones body and taking the subway instead of biking. Getting a ride instead of walking.  Cutting down on active forms of yoga. This is the most important.

All the tea and garlic and vitamin c in the world aren't going to heal you if you don't slow down.  What generally works for me if I feel an itch in my throat coming on and the hints of a cold coming, lots of vitamin c, fluids, garlic (as above), echinacea and a good nights sleep.  It usually kicks the cold before it even shows up. My body reminds me of this very dramatically when I am going too fast and forget to listen. Thank you dear body.

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