Friday, March 15, 2013

Starting Tomatoes!

Seed starting makes one realize that spring is literally just around the corner, amazing!

After a job interview with the Backyard Urban Farm Company (doing amazing things with raised beds here in Toronto) and the sun shining on my face, I decided today was the day to start my tomatoes! Here's my setup:

I've been collecting paper egg cartons the last few weeks–they're the perfect size to sow into.
To plant in, I added triple mix, a little bit of coffee grinds and some eggshell, just for a little extra boost:

1). Fill the carton holes and moisten the soil with some water.  Spray bottles are the greatest for this.
2). Take 2 or 3 seeds per carton hole, cover with a sprinkle more of soil, just to cover the seeds, gently tamp down the soil and spray again with some water.
3). LABEL YOUR SEEDLINGS!  Egg cartons have handle middle bits to write on
I'm doing a dozen Organic "Smurf" cherry tomatoes (they're blue!) from Tournesol, a dozen Amish Paste tomatoes from Richters, and then trying 4 of each Ground Cherries, Black Krims (grew them last year–beautiful tomatoes), and Organic Yellow Perfection that I got from friends.

4). Cover your egg cartons with a layer of cling film until they germinate.  At that point you will take off the cling film.  The layer of plastic keeps the moisture in enough for the seeds to sprout and do their magic!

I'm lucky enough to have a big south facing window in my apartment; hopefully it will get enough sun to start all my seeds!  If need be, I have access to a greenhouse with my plot at Scadding Court–I'll let you know how this all pans out.


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