Thursday, March 28, 2013

Major Garbage-Saver

Last month I took what I thought was a scary plunge and purchased a Diva Cup:
But, in fact, it wasn't that scary.
And, in fact, it's the happiest decision I think I've ever made to do with a time in my life that I've always hated.
It's not a difficult product to use, it just takes some tries to get used to.
I save so much garbage every month. SO MUCH GARBAGE!
I am not worried about being caught off guard–you don't have to keep a supply of products in a bag in case of emergencies, just a single small bag.
I don't need to worry about Toxic Shock Syndrome (I mean REALLY)
And I'll save a whole whack of money over the course of my life.
All in all, I am the least embarrassed and disgusted by this body process that I have to live through every month than I ever have been in my life.  The Diva Cup feels like the most natural process I could ask for. I hate my body less during these times. And I'm cutting down on my consumption and garbage production significantly.  I have no reason not to say DO IT any more. I'm a convert. You should be too.

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