Sunday, March 10, 2013

Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival

I went today to Warkworth for their maple syrup festival today.

We stopped by our friend Derick's petting zoo; I cuddled one of his rabbits, my friend Erin was followed around by their llama. We listened to the ducks chat and got nibbled on by ponies.

At their town hall we met a wonderful woman named Maia.  She made beautiful hanging ornaments from grapevines and milkweed pods and acorns and birds nests. She told us stories and smiled beautiful smiles.
She also had preserved herbs and veg in salt.  It was a great recipe that I'm going to try in the future, my own variation.  To give you an idea:
-1/3 sea salt, 2/3 fresh veg and herbs
-dice small and pack into a sanitized jar
-use instead of stock, as a spice rub on meat, or any other place you need extra flavour.

We took a busride to the sugar bush and had some taffy on ice (now THAT'S some of natures real candy).

I went for the most amazing walk through the woods with Erin, a beautiful woman. She told me about mushrooms, we touched trees, picked some dogwood, laughed, noticed deer tracks, and got back just in time for the last bus ride back to town.  She seems to be turning into a bit of a mentor for me, something I'm realizing is very important to have, in all parts of my life.

Morals of these stories:
-Get out to nature when you can if you live in a city.  Just walk.  Look.  Breathe.  It will help.
-Find a mentor.  Someone to talk to. Someone to ask questions.  Don't wonder why, just do it.

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