Friday, March 8, 2013

Arts and Sustainability

I started a business running dance and creativity workshops in elementary schools three years ago, with a major revamp to the structure this past summer: 
It's important to me.
Creative dance connects people to their bodies in an age of disconnect.
Creative dance creates community, promotes co-operation, and practices team-building.
Creative dance promotes empathy, understanding, and self-awareness.

But I'm also becoming more and more interested in other sides of self-wellness:
Connecting to nature,
Realizing our place in the cycle of the world, not at the top of a non-existant pyramid,
Understanding where the food that nourishes us comes from,
Understanding that things take time and you can't rush them without consequences,
Taking time and care to feed our bodies with nutritious food that will literally fuel us.
This is the Urban Organic Homesteading Experiment side.

But I had a meeting with the Program Director at Arts For Children and Youth today.
One of the things we spoke about was my interest in sustainability and food.
She suggested creating workshops that merge the arts and topics in sustainability.
How had I never thought of that?

I'm coming to realize that a thing I want to do is build awareness about subjects that are life-changing and important.
I'm coming to realize that perhaps the side of me that always shied away from the word 'activist' because of the very specific image I had in my head is coming around and expanding her view. 
I'm coming to realize that I'm beginning to advocate for mind-body health, wellness, and awareness.

Maybe the answers aren't changing what you do completely, but changing how you do the thing you do already.  Maybe that's innovation.

I'm not sure how these things I'm doing are going to support me but I trust that they will, somehow.
Things will work out because I will make them.
I will support myself,
Meet people,
Be excited,
Be passionate.
Let's see how this all pans out.

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