Friday, March 22, 2013

Paid Gardening Work!

My quest to rethink my ideas about money came to a test when I realized that I might need to get a part-time job to supplement my teaching income.
I considered going back to my old job at the little independent tea shop I used to work at, but then reconsidered.
Why not work at something that doesn't seem like work?
That is one of my passions and will also allow me to grow my skills?
And I fell into working at the Backyard Urban Farm Company.
It will be part time and subject to the amount of clients they get this season.
But I will learn.
Meet others excited about urban farming.
Develop a support structure.
Expand my awareness of available resources in the city.
I'm excited.

If you're also excited, they're currently raising money to build a greenhouse to grow seedlings in, keep a pop-up shop open for the season, and build and staff a demonstration garden to spread the word about urban farming.

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