Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sprouting Chickpeas

I've decided to try sprouting chickpeas to make raw hummus.

Sprouting beans and peas makes the mineral and vitamin content more easily assimilated by our bodies, as well as makes them more digestible.  Our diets are severely lacking in mineral content because of our conventional farming methods. (More on that in another post! Been doing some interesting reading!) Sprouts are a great way of starting to access these essential nutrients in a natural (read-not as a supplement) way through our diet.  Sprouting is also a wonderful way of getting some living food into your diet in the depths of winter-my body's been craving it!

So, trial 1: Chickpeas.

Step 1: Brought chickpeas to a boil and then let them cool and soak in the pot for 24 hours
Step 2: Rinsed and drained them in an old salsa jar with cheesecloth over the lip, tipped on a 30ish degree angle on a tea-towel to allow for drainage and air flow.
FAIL (it seems to not drain properly and stays far too moist on the inside, with condensation collecting on the upper side of the jar),

Solution 1: My friend Devon suggested just hanging them in cheesecloth.  Oh, creative brains that have never done things before! Sounds like a great plan.
Solution 2: I've also heard of the just having them sit in an uncovered colander...

I'll let you know what works for me in a day or two!

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