Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Worm Bin Construction

When I headed up to Seedy Saturday at the Brickworks, I picked up a pound of Reg Wiggler worms from Cathy at Cathy's Crawly Composters
I had gotten some worms from friends a few weeks ago but my bin was getting too moist–I eat too much veg so they couldn't eat it fast enough–so I picked up some more.

Think you don't have room for a bin?  Here's where I put mine in my kitchen.
 I know others that just have a bucket on top of their fridge, one under their sink; totally doable.
Basically, I had to paint mine black because the flat ones that would fit under my cupboard were clear plastic.  Spray paint didn't really stick so I just used matte wall paint, 2 coats.  There were great instructions on how to build your own worm bin in this book
and it's a great resource for me in my journey.  I'd highly recommend it.
But basically:
-Drill multiple 1/16" holes in the top lid as airholes
-Drill 1/16" air holes along the top of the side walls (and bottom as well if its a deep bin)
-Drill larger holes in the bottom of the bin for drainage
-Put a 2nd lid on the bottom to catch any drips (the 2nd bin can be used in the future to migrate the worms, I'll post about that when I do so)
Voila!  Worm Bin!
What to put inside tomorrow...

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