Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Regrowing Store-Bought Cilantro

My roommate had some cilantro that was going mouldy in the fridge.
To my delight, it still had the roots attached!

1). I separated out the mouldy bits and fed them to my worms (I should start documenting that too--soon!).
2). I took the fresh bits and hung them to dry so no more food would be wasted.
3). I cut off the roots with about an inch of greenery still attached. I put them in some water in my windowsill to make the roots happy again and help grow out some new shoots.  Every morning I've been replacing the water. Here they are after 3 days:

Looking ready to replant with new happy little shoots appearing!

4). I planted them in some potting soil to keep feeding us until they can go outside in the spring! More free food!
--Buy herbs with roots still attached when you can. Make the roots happy in water for a few days before you replant them.  But REPLANT THEM!  Stop spending money when you don't need to!
--Keep cleaned plastic yoghurt, sour cream, and cheese containers as you eat throughout the year.  These make great planters if you punch holes in the bottoms with a knife or scissors.  They're also great when you start transplanting newly started seedlings from their initial trays (more on that soon!)  If you're not a fan of their look, get crafty and paint/collage them! 
--Keep plastic pots that you may have bought seedlings in in the past. 
--Keep toilet paper or paper towel rolls. These have the benefit of being plantable! They decompose right in the soil! How freaking cool?

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  1. Thank you!! I live alone and every time I buy cilantro at the store I end up wasting a lot, this is the perfect solution for me!